It’s the second largest purchase you’ll make in life but when you’re actually selling your car, it seems the biggest!

Precisely because you don’t sell a car every week, we’re here today to make the process a lot simpler. From value-added car detailing in Perth to the all-important transaction, if you follow these steps you’ll get a lot closer to nabbing the right price for your car.


Before naming a figure, compare your vehicle’s make, model and year with identical cars already for private sale. Once you have an idea of market price, it’s a case of weighing up the kilometres travelled and the general wear and tear of your vehicle.

A great way to legitimise a higher price tag is to highlight any extras, features or add-ons that make your car more attractive. It’s important to remind yourself that while you love your vehicle, buyers don’t (yet). Too high a price and prospective buyers will walk on by. Too low and buyers may wonder what’s wrong with it, or you’ll lose money on the deal.

Prepare your Car for Sale

The delight is in the detail! A professional car detail will save you a weekend of work but it’s the immediate effect of a newer looking car, sweeter smelling car and surfaces that look in tip top condition that gets buyers excited. You can easily get the money back in the sale price and the gleaming photos once the job’s done will certainly attract more interest.

For many car owners, Peter Wilkinson and Co. is the go-to car detailing expert in Perth. We do work in the detail that you can’t do at home, including:

  • Wheel touch-ups to remove curb-side scratches
  • A front light refresh to remove discolouring.
  • A paint polish/buff
  • Stone chip touch-ups
  • Carpet shampoos

Advertising your Car for Sale

Once the thorough detail has taken place, it’s time to advertise. Most people sell online but other possible avenues include classified pages.

First, take many photos. Include all outside angles, the boot, the dash and your car’s interior. The more shots the better.

Next, list details about length of registration and write an honest appraisal about the best selling points of the car. It’s also important to be frank about any significant damage before the prospective buyer arrives to see it for themselves!

Paperwork and Documents

Buyers are looking for:

  • Owner’s manual and service history
  • Receipts for tyres, accessories etc.
  • Ready-to-go registration transfer papers
  • A rego check to give a buyer more confidence


So you made the sale and now you need to finalise it. Consider meeting in a public place or with family members to support you. Ensure money from the purchase has cleared before handing over your vehicle. And finally, don’t post any personal details such as your licence number online.

Privately selling a car is now more possible than ever. Remember to research, transact safely and above all, present your pride and joy in its finest light with help from the greatest exponents of car detailing in Perth – Peter Wilkinson and Co. Feel free to make an enquiry today.

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