Australians love their cars. Be it a beat up old Holden, that shiny new German luxury ride, or the tech-heavy Japanese city car, this is how most Australians move about their lives.

You have just spent savings or signed up to finance, no one wants to think about crashing their new wheels. Even more jarring is the concept of spending even more money on the intangibility of insurance.

But before you hit ‘purchase’ on that cheap online quote, do you really know what you are getting from your car insurance?

What to look out for in an Insurance Policy

When buying insurance, there are a few numbers you need to keep in mind. Premiums are the annual fees, this is the most obvious because it is coming out of your wallet today. Sometimes a premium can be scary, so Insurance Companies have created ways to make them seem less expensive.

Look closely at the second number, the excess. This is what you will need to pay to have a claim validated. A marketing trick, or electable change, is to lower the premium by raising the excess. This is tempting, until you need thousands of dollars suddenly after a simple fender-bender.

Quality of repair job

Another element to pay attention to isn’t about numbers, it is about options. You want to have the choice of repairer. Insurance that doesn’t offer options may be using under-quality repair shops or authorise non-genuine parts. You want your vehicle to come out of an accident as safe, reliable and original condition as possible, that is what you are paying for.

Have you considered the skills or training that these repairers have? Good insurance policies will allow you to select your repairer. The best shops have received specialised training from the original manufacturer on how to repair and restore their vehicles to the highest quality.

Sometimes with cheaper insurance policies, the Insurance Company will direct their repairers to use non-standard parts. This can compromise the quality of work, strength of the repair, or even the resale value of the vehicle.

You want your repair to use original manufacturer parts, skilled technicians, and approved repair methods to best restore your vehicle.

Finding an Insurance Company that meets your needs

The world of online quotes and research can be daunting. How do you sift through the marketing and find a reliable insurance policy?

In the event of an accident, you can be sure that our repair team have specialty training from a range of international manufacturers including BMW, Nissan, Lexus and Mercedes Benz. Our policy is to return your car in the best possible condition. Original manufacturer parts are a minimum, quality, timely workmanship, and the highest standards of safety are the way we conduct our business.

Looking for smash repairs but don’t feel confident in your options? Call us at Peter Wilkinson’s today, and get the best possible outcome with us.

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