For drivers out there, you’ve all experienced leaving your car parked in a nicely shaded area only to find a nice deposit or two of white bird droppings. Many people found out the hard way that the stain from these birds are not easily removed and can even damage and etch right into the vehicle’s paint. Some people have even experienced serious damage in the worst cases.

There are different types of bird waste that can fall on your car, and there are also different ways to get rid of them.

Types of Stains

Type 1: Bird Dropping Topical Stain Etching

This type of bird dropping is the most commonly seen bird dropping that can fall on your vehicle. It is quite faded and shallow and is quite easy to remove altogether.

So to get rid of this type of dropping, you can use a clear coat safe compound or polish on it. You can clean these by using your own hands or through a machine. Doing it manually is more efficient however as you can put pressure on specific areas. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself or the mark is old you can see the experts at Peter Wilkinson & Co.

Type 2: Bird Dropping Wrinkled/Fractured Etching

This one’s a tough guy. These wrinkled etchings are the second type of bird droppings and can be very difficult to deal with safely. The reason for this is because it can swell with the fractured paint. You should be careful in removing this type of stains from your car because it can cause damage to the clear paint and even deteriorate the base coat. If you come across one of these types of stains we recommend paying a visit to Peter Wilkinson & Co.

Remove the Stain

One thing that you should keep in mind is that it’s important to remove bird droppings from your car as soon as possible since uric acid from the droppings can go deep into the paint over time and destroy its base coating. Using a moist microfiber towel can help eliminate the deposit. But if its dry, you can put the towel on it with water poured on top and then let it sit for at least 10 minutes. You can then remove the mark gently and get rid of the towel.

You can also use a car detailer spray if you have bird markings on your car. Applying a few shots of the spray even on a dried mark can help dissolve deposits which can then be easily wiped away with a microfiber towel. If the spot is less than an inch in diameter, applying a high-quality dual-action car polisher can help fix your problem.

If the mark is still on your vehicle after a long period of time and can’t be easily removed, then its high time you called a professional who is experienced in dealing with this sort of issue. Peter Wilkinson & Co can help safely remove these stains and get your car paint looking as good as new.

Act fast and protect your vehicle from bird poop. If you find yourself with etchings or inherit a car with stains, give Peter Wilkinson & Co a call.

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