We cringe when we hear about it from a friend. We notice the evidence on the streets every day. We may have seen one on the commute home, but we never think it is going to happen to us.

Until it does.

But where are the most dangerous places to drive in Perth? We have found for you Perth’s car accident hotspots.

Perth’s most dangerous roads

  • Albany Highway, Cannington
    This artery is notorious. The combination of a large shopping centre, CBD feeding road and many crossroads makes Albany highway claim the top spot most years.
  • Nicholson Road, Canning Vale
    The newcomer to the top three. Due to fast-growing residential areas creating more and more traffic, pay attention when navigating this thoroughfare.
  • Great Eastern Highway, Midland
    Off in the eastern suburbs, more than just an access point between towns like Northam, like the above roads the combination of traffic, a shopping centre, a town centre and numerous crossing makes this road worth noting.
  • Joondalup Drive, Joondalup
    If you live in the northern suburbs, you haven’t got away clean. Joondalup drive has a reputation for fender-benders along Lakeside shopping centre.
  • Mitchell Freeway, Osborne Park
    It might be the widening works, perhaps the increasing numbers of commuters traveling to the far-flung beachside suburbs emerging in the north, but the Mitchell Freeway deserves your attention and vigilance.

Honorary Mentions

Our research unearthed a few more common accident spots that didn’t quite make the list. Remember, accidents don’t just occur on highways. Tight, busy shopping centres are infamous in insurance communities as locations of low-speed, but potentially expensive, bingles.
Ranford Road, Canning Vale
Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park
Car park, Westfield Carousel
Car park, Morley Galleria

Safety tips

While it is great to know where the danger spots are, how can you best protect you and your family on the roads?

Focus on the task at hand

This isn’t a big secret. As much as we hate the idea of getting a ticket for changing the song on your phone, driver distractions are easily the most common cause of accidents. Bad habits include texting, checking maps, eating, or even just playing with the functions of your car’s climate control. Any distraction from the road around you can turn into an accident real fast.

Manage the weather

We have all complained about it. The second the weather breaks and we get rain, Perth’s roads slow to a crawl. There is a good reason for reducing speed and risks during wet weather. Particularly after a long dry spell, please take extra caution during wet rides.

Be Aware

It would seem intuitive, but understand that your surroundings can and will affect you and the other motorists around you. Heading into a setting sun? Double check before turning. On a country drive with high-speed blind corners? Please slow down and stick to your lane. An appreciation of the driving conditions can avoid many dangerous, expensive or painful situations.

Peace of mind

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